Bonding System


Racoon Hair Extensions are proud to be able to give you our guarantee of ethically sourced hair. We supply the largest and finest quality range of 100% natural hair root point correct.



The hair is smooth and sleek with a natural movement, the quality is far superior to anything on the market. It has to be seen to be believed.


Our Vibrant Euro range has seven amazing colours, adding another dimension for stunning colour placement.


A good quality alternative. Available in a choice of non permed, soft and deep wave.


Fun, Funky, Fast, a low cost alternative for highlights or a splash of colour. There are 16 Natural colours and 18 Funky Fibres to choose from.


With Racoon there is no need to discard the hair after removal, you can simply re-use the same hair over and over again. This feature is appealing to clients who can enjoy their extensions for longer at an affordable price.


Consider the benefits of being able to offer your clients amazing highlights, added volume or long hair? ……INSTANTLY



Bonding Material ……….


Racoon’s unique bonding formula has been specifically designed for hair extensions containing orange peel and pine kernel extracts. It provides a perfect balance between strength, durability and ease of removal.


This single handed system enables you to personalise each individual bond to create long lasting, secure, discrete extensions. The bonds remain unaffected by daily styling and maintenance. When the extensions are ready to be removed and reapplied (in most cases after 12-16 weeks) the removal is simple, instantaneous with no fuss with zero damage to the hair.