Micro wefts

Micro Wefts System

Racoon Micro Wefts are the ultimate way to temporarily adapt or completely re-create your existing hairstyle. The flexibility of colour blending, adding length and volume, creates the perfect fashion accessory for your client’s hair.

 Applying a full head of Micro Wefts will take less than an hour, for that apply and ready to wear style.

 At Racoon we continue to believe in quality and comfort of our extensions, using our Premium quality hair, and slim bonding tape, we continue our commitment with no stress or damage to the natural hair.


Advantages of the Micro-Weft System…..

  • Ø  Fast extensions at an affordable price
  • Ø  Applied in Less than an hour
  • Ø  Can be re-used
  • Ø  Premium quality
  • Ø  Glossy, soft to touch, real hair
  • Ø  Virtually undetectable
  • Ø  Comfortable to wear
  • Ø  Lasts between 2 to 4 weeks
  • Ø  Easy to remove and re-apply